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Rosemary Brennan, Truck Driver

Thank you again, my life is incredible! Thanks again for taking the time and patience on teaching me my new profession. I love getting into my Truck! 

Student Testimonials

Andrew Thomas

Sabertooth was the school I turned to when other schools didn’t quite have the right pacing. The instructors here are patient, and truly seem interested in your success. They understand that driving a truck isn’t a gift that you’re born with, it’s a skill like any other, and they will help teach you that skill. They’re not drill instructors, they’re truck drivers. If you were doubting your ability to learn or become a truck driver, I would look no further. If you really want it, they will help YOU achieve it.


Eric Knutson, Truck Driver

Sabertooth was a great school and it taught me that truck driving isn't just about being on the road, you get to be home with your family too! I recommend Sabertooth CDL to anyone that is looking to get their Class A CDL! The team is great and they give you the knowledge you need to know to pass the test.

Frank Wodowski, OTR Truck Driver

I went to SCDTI 2 years ago (2018) and I have to say it was the best training I have ever had. The balance of school and on road training was equal. The real world approach of classroom was great especially the trip planning. More places need to do that, also using a atlas instead of gps was a benefit. In summary my experience at SCDTI was superb! The knowledge it gave me in the real world applications was the best! 

Evan Johnson

SCDTI has phenomenal staff that push you to succeed in every aspect with trucking. Knowledgeable staff adjusted to me to help me understand things I might not have understood at first. SCDTI is a great environment which is comfortable to learn in!


Cassie Plaski, Truck Driver

I took the SCDTI course back in 2014 fresh out of highschool and it was a much laid back class than I could have expected. I even got to sleep between sessions and get personal wake up calls daily! After my class, I got a job shortly after and once I was ready, I got constant advise and help becoming an owner operator and now I'm getting advise and help getting my own authority. I wouldn't be where I am today without Joe, Ashley and the rest of the SCDTI crew! Thank You!


Adam Krisher, Truck Driver

This is a great school, great people and they work with their clients very well. Joe, Ashley, and Pat are very friendly and they take things seriously. The cost of the class is well worth it. They go through pre trip, post trips, and all the parts on the truck. They prepare you very well for the road test. They will go through hazmat if you want it. The class is only a 3-week course and it goes fast. They also try and get you employment before the end of the course. They will help you study to get your learners permit. I am a graduate from Sabertooth CDL and got employment almost right away. They have tons of companies they work with looking for graduates. 

Dustin Hildebrand, Truck Driver

I want to start by saying I am not someone that writes reviews, it really takes a lot for me to sit and write something like this. But after my experience with Sabertooth Driving School and graduating with my CDL in hand I can not help but make time for a proper review. 

I had never set foot in a truck before this class, so naturally I was a bit nervous. But if there is one thing I can not say enough about, it is the staff at Sabertooth! The staff at Sabertooth all make things happen way faster than you think possible, especially after the first drive. After the first drive you have the impulse to leave and never come back. 15mph in a 40mph seems like time warp drive at first, but by the end of the class things are so much more natural that instead of hearing "Speed up" you are being reminded to slow down. 

When Joe says "call me anytime if you need something" at first most people would be thinking , "yeah, sure, he is just saying that" but he really does mean in. Every staff member there will lend you a hand both during and after the class if you need it. Other schools will push you in and out and then forget your name just as quickly. That was not my experience at Sabertooth. 

All the staff at Sabertooth Driving School are top notch and it is easy to see that they truly care about your success as a student. The training goes beyond just driving a truck, they strive to make sure that you succeed as a successful person!

Thank you Graduates!!

If you are a past Graduate and would like to write a testimonial please contact us!

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