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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy that Sabertooth Commercial Driver Training Institute Inc. sets forth is however, your data maybe collected whether it is via Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Constant Contact or any other site or ad of ours that you participate in, we will not share or sell it with any other party. The information that we gather such as but not limited to (name, number, e-mail, address ect.) The information that you provide us with will not be available to anyone other than the employees here at Sabertooth Commercial Driver Training Institute Inc.

We may keep your personal data that you provided us with to keep in contact with you for future options or classes.

You should provide accurate and clear data so that the information we send you, you are able to confirm it is you.

With the data, you provided us we will use it only to get in contact with you.

This information that you are providing us with is at your own discretion.

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