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Sabertooth Commercial Driver Training Institute Inc. (SCDTI) is approved for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin for Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) and DOT compliance. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the new rule or your next step.

Learners Permit Information

  1. Study the appropriate sections in the Commercial Driver's Manual (always try and use the newest edition) before taking your test. 

  2. For Class A Learners Permit test:

    1. General Knowledge Sections 1-3 Questions 50​

    2. Combination Vehicles Section 6 Questions 20

    3. Air Brakes Section 5 Questions 25

  3. Complete a Wisconsin Driver License Application  Form MV3001

  4. Complete a Commercial Driver Certification: Tier of Operation Form MV3230.

  5. Present your valid Federal Medical Card.

  6. Provide Proof of Citizenship or Legal Status in the U.S. at time of application.

  7. Pay the required fees ($35.00 for permit).

  8. Your CLP will be valid for 180 days (6 Months).

  9. Make sure you are using the latest edition of study material. 

*make sure to bring your birth certificate and fed med card with you to pick up your permit*

*Permit fee is $35.00 to pick up at the DMV*

*Please let us know if you are struggling and need help*

*Tests are free to take at the DMV*

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