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What Kinds Of Payment Do We Accept?

SCDTI accepts the following forms of payments

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit Cards (All Major Cards)

  • Money Orders

  • Cashier Checks

  • Personal Loan Options (bank, Credit Union, other financial loan places)


Self-Funding through personal loan at a financial institution can be a students best choice since the interest rates are at an all time low. Many loan payments are in the range of what a carrier would pay in a month for tuition reimbursement.


Internal Financing

Financing can take some time to process. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks (minimum) before your anticipated course start date to fully complete the process. If you are considering this option, be aware you will need a considerable amount of time beforehand to complete necessary tasks. Plan early! SCDTI will consider internally financing with a down payment of $2,500.00 to those individuals who may qualify.


***Call us to find out what you could apply for***

****Not all options for financing fit everyone's financial needs****

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