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Maybe new to blogging but...

We here at Sabertooth maybe new to the blogging world but our family owned business is not new to the trucking industry by any means. At our school we make sure every student is our number one priority. Each and every student is special to us. We want to see all of them succeed in the trucking industry. Here at Sabertooth we are a 3 week long program and will help you find your next place of employment after you graduate. We are more than happy to have anyone interested in the program come and take a tour of our school and meet all of our friendly faces here. Our family owned school has been around since 2011 and we want to continue to stay around and train anyone 18 and over for their CDL. We want to give everyone an equal chance at making this industry a great place to work. Call us or visit our website for more information. Please enjoy a little clip of what we are all about. 715-942-2700 or

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